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Fuel Cost Calculator

Just follow the steps below to calculate your fuel costs, and how much you could save by converting to Premium Pellet wood pellet fuel. All you need is the type of fuel you are using, the amount, and the cost per unit, and the cost per tonne of pellets.

Step 1
Select your fuel type

Step 2
Enter the amount of fuel you
use in a given time, do not include units.

eg. For 200L propane enter 200

Liters for propane or oil
Kwh for electricity
GJ for Gas
1 US gallon = 3.875 liters

Step 3
Enter your cost in Canadian dollars per unit from Step 2. If your not sure, a default value has been entered.
Step 4
Enter your cost per tonne of pellets.
Again in Canadian dollars.
Step 5
Just click calculate.
Results will appear below.

Your usage in Btus/yr
Equivalent tonnes of pellets
Your current cost is
Based on your unit cost
Your cost using pellets
Savings using pellets
All values are in Canadian dollars.