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Company profile

Our mill in Vanderhoof BCPremium Pellet Ltd. (est. 1998) is based in Vanderhoof, British Columbia, Canada. (Click here to see a map of where we are located). We manufacture high quality wood pellets from sawmill sawdust, planer shavings, and chip fines (white wood waste). Premium Pellet Ltd. is a subsidiary of L&M Lumber Ltd. and Nechako Lumber Co Ltd.

L&M Lumber and Nechako Lumber Co Ltd. bring over 25 years of forest industry experience. They supply the white wood waste necessary for the production of our 140,000 tonnes/year of premium grade wood pellets. L&M Lumber and Nechako Lumber Co Ltd. are known in the international forest industry for their consistently high quality wood products and their ability to balance economic growth with long-term forest stewardship. Locally owned and operated since 1974, L&M Lumber and Nechako Lumber Co Ltd. have become the leaders in wood fiber utilization and environmental policy.

Our primary goal at Premium Pellet Ltd. is to establish an international biomass energy producer providing a high quality value added product that will provide a competitive, environmentally based energy source.

Production availability and volume

Premium Pellet Ltd. has a current production capability of 140,000 tonnes of high quality, premium grade wood pellets annually.

Premium quality wood pellets are available in 40lb bags, palletized in 1 ton lots for retail distribution. Bulk quantities are also available in mini bulk bags (1 tonne), truckloads, rail car loads, or ship hold lots for offshore markets.

The pellet mill is positioned on a major highway and a major rail line and has been designed for efficient operations, shipping and handling.