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A replanted treePremium Pellet Ltd. has entered into a fiber agreement with one of its parent companies, L&M Lumber Ltd. This agreement will ensure a constant, reliable and environmentally friendly fiber source. L&M Lumber Ltd. manages it's forest land base to not only meet, but exceed all Provincial Forest Practice Code regulations.

  • The harvesting and reforestation that L&M Lumber carries out ensures sustainability of the forest resources while addressing hydrology, wildlife, aquatic life, biodiversity, forest health, recreation visual quality, cultural resources and other industrial activities.

  • All of the operations directly controlled by Premium Pellet Ltd., L&M Lumber Ltd. and Nechako Lumber Ltd. are conducted at a level that meet CSA 2809/02 certification standards. Each company is currently pursuing ISO 14001.

  • L&M Lumber Ltd. and Nechako Lumber Ltd. use Biomass fuel to dry our lumber and heat our mill facilities

  • Premium Pellet Ltd. also uses Biomass fuel to dry raw material and to heat our facilities, reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed to produce wood products.