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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is wood pellet fuel so good for the environment?

  • Wood pellets burn clean and efficiently producing very little in the way of harmful emissions.

How do I know that wood pellets will stay relatively low in price compared with fossil fuel?

  • Wood pellets are made from a renewable resource where the amount of fossil fuels are finite. Also fossil fuels will always be higher taxed due to their harmful effect on the environment.

What is meant by Carbon Neutral?

  • Burning of wood pellets is considered to be carbon neutral because the carbon emitted is already part of the carbon cycle.

Why would I buy a pellet appliance if I already have another heating source?

  • With the rising prices of alternative energy sources it is possible to pay for your upgrade costs to wood pellets and be saving money in a matter of a few years dependent on heating requirements.

Will I always be able to buy wood pellets?

  • Wood pellets and the biofuel industry is growing year by year. The production of wood pellets will always be economical, and will someday become as common as any heating fuel.

Where can I buy your wood pellets?

How much do your wood pellets cost?

  • Please contact a retailer in your area or if you are interested in Bulk volumes contact us.