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Production Capacity
Ship at Prince Rupert dockPremium Pellet currently produces 120,000 tonnes/year and will be producing 150,000 tonnes/year by early 2005. Our plant was constructed to allow production to be increased to 150,000 tonnes/year. We operate 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We are located in Vanderhoof, British Columbia which is the center of British Columbia's forest industry, where thousands of tonnes of raw biomass material is presently not utilized. Premium Pellet is in negotiations to secure enough of this additional fiber to maximize production at 150,000 tonnes of premium grade wood pellets a year.

Premium Pellet is strategically located to maximize its logistic capacities. Whatever your shipping and delivery needs Premium Pellet can meet them.

By Rail
Our convenient loading areaWe currently ship on Canadian National (CN) rail in 100 tonne hopper cars which are scaled and screened to ensure accurate volumes and reduced fines. Premium Pellet is also able to ship up to 80 tonnes of 18 kg bagged pellets in boxcars if required.

By Sea
We have the option to ship from 2 deep water ports in Vancouver, depending on our customer's needs.

By Truck
If truck shipments are required, our location on a major highway allows for easy shipments.