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Vanderhoof, BC
February 12, 2001

Premium Pellet Ltd. announces that production has begun at it's new $6 million pelletized wood fuel facility in Vanderhoof, BC.

"We expect to produce 50,000 tonnes of refined, pelletized, white-wood residues from our partner's sawmill and planer mill this year", says Stuart Sinclair of Avison Forest Management, who have partnered with L&M Lumber in the joint venture, "and employ 10 people when we reach full production".

Wood pellet fuel has been used extensively in Northern Europe for many years for commercial and residential heating systems as well as for thermal electrical generation, and use in North America has been growing sharply as consumers are switching or opting for wood pellet furnaces, fireplace inserts and heaters to offset high energy costs for fossil fuels.

"The Green Fuel and Power business is growing exponentially now in North America, and we're entering the market with a 100% natural, renewable product that quite frankly can produce remarkable amounts of energy at a fraction of the cost of natural gas. And by drying, refining and densifying only the clean, white-wood waste we have a product that puts out 12 gigajoules of net energy from 1 cubic metre of fuel.

"Utilizing biomass fuel is nothing new to L&M who have been exclusively using wastewood fired kiln systems for nearly 20 years now to dry all of their lumber, and this project "closes the loop" to 100% process utilization. They also plant appx. 2 million seedlings per year in their forest management areas, while producing over 150 million board feet of studs and bed frame components through their Nechako Lumber planer mill and remanufacturing facility.

The wood pellets will be sold bagged and palletized for truck shipment; or in bulk grain and potash type, sealed hopper rail cars, and can be bulk transferred or stored using normal grain handling and storage equipment. Much of current production also is loaded into ships and sold in Europe. In North America they are currently used in specially designed pellet stoves and furnaces in homes; industrial suspension and pile burners in greenhouses and the forest industries; and applications are underway to certify "off the shelf" boilers and hot water heaters from Scandinavia for uses in commercial and institutional applications in North America. Low emission levels allow these products to meet or exceed airshed standards for approveal in virtually every city in Canada and the US.

Vanderhoof, BC is located in Central BC along Highway 16 and the CN Northern Route, appx 500 KM North of Vancouver BC.

Stuart Sinclair,
Press Liason-Premium Pellet Ltd.
Box 125, Vanderhoof, BC
V0J 3A0
(250) 567-2110


Len Fox, Marketing
Norm Avison, President.