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Why Wood Pellets
  • A renewable resourceBurning wood pellets does not contribute to climate changes through emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. Since our forest resources are managed in a renewable manner and the growth of these trees fixate the same amount of carbon as are emitted by the burning of pellets or decomposition of wood in nature, the net emission of carbon-dioxide is practically zero. Other emissions from wood pellets are low in relation to coal, oil and other fossil fuels. Emissions of nitrogen oxides are similar to fossil fuels; however emissions of sulfur dioxides are considerably lower.
  • Reduces dependance on coal, oil and other fossil fuels.

    Pellet fuel has been proven to provide the cleanest burn or any solid fuel.

    Pellet fuel is a renewable resource.

    Nothing is taken from the environment to produce pellets.

    Allergy free, no dust and debris that can contaminate the air.

    Easy to handle, even if living alone.

    Convenient, clean bags are compact enough to store an entire season of fuel, about one third the space of cord wood.

    Automatic feed systems mean you only have to fill the hopper every few days.

    Pellet appliances may be installed with zero or minimum clearance.

    Pellet fuel is not subject to world price variations like imported oil.