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Why Premium Pellet

Roll over the image, clockwise starting with the top-right. You will see how our production cycle maximizes the use of our resources. This gives us a competitive advantage while minimizing environmental impact.

Premium Pellet Ltd. has carefully engineered our manufacturing process in order to develop consistent production of the highest quality wood pellet.

White wood waste, in the form of sawdust and chip fines, is separated from the bark in the sawmill. It is then transferred directly via a high pressure blow line to a storage bin at the manufacturing center. White wood waste is also collected from the planer mill and transferred directly to the same storage bin.

The white wood waste is then dried to approximately 6% moisture in a biomass fire dryer. The dried material passes through a screen and hammer mill to create consistent sized particles. The particles are transferred to the pellet mill where it is preconditioned with steam for extrusion through dies to form the wood pellets. The hot pellets are then cooled in a counter flow cooler to reset the lignin and form a hard stable pellet. In all areas of handling, dust is recovered and used in the dryers for fuel. The completed pellets are then stored in bags or bulk, ready to deliver to market.

Quality assurance is monitored closely throughout all stages of the manufacturing process. We start with careful handling and direct transfer of the white wood waste to provide a clean supply of materials for processing. Our monitoring of moisture levels, fines content, bulk density and proper pellet size are integral parts of producing our high quality, premium grade, wood pellet fuel. For a more detailed analysis of our pellets, click here.

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